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Bringing in our Centennial Founders Day, Oakland-Style

Jan. 9 marked our great fraternity’s 100th anniversary. It’s almost hard to believe that our honorable founders started our organization a century ago with a hope that, years later, it would produce thousands of men dedicated to brotherhood, scholarship and service. But that’s exactly what has happened, and we couldn’t be any prouder to carry on the banner of Sigma.

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Meet the Black Men People Should Worry About

Courtesy of Bro. Dr. Cory Guyton

We live in a world where Black men are constantly labeled as being a threat to society. This is perpetuated through the media so the natural reaction of some people is to distance themselves from us so they will not “get hurt”. While people continue to form their perceptions of Black men and continue to view us as being ravaging animals, there are a group of brothas they really should be worried about — the college educated brothas.

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